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With so many websites available on the Internet, it is hard to predict how long a potential client will stay on yours, much less make a transaction. Good thing there are ways to increase engagement on your site – ways that are easy to implement even if you do not have expert knowledge on-site optimization.

Below are some of ideas you can use to hook readers so they won’t want to leave your website.

1. Website Search Box

Your website may have a wealth of quality content, but this will not be appreciated by your visitors if they get lost in a pile of articles. Once that happens, they probably won’t come back.

Let your clients navigate your website easily by putting up a search box where they can look for certain content using keywords.

2. Social Media Buttons

You’ve probably encountered an article, photo or video that’s just so funny, inspirational or informative, you couldn’t help sharing it with everyone you know. Your site visitors just might be experiencing the same thing when going over your content, so help them out by having “like,” “share,” “tweet,” “reblog,” or other social media buttons on your pages at the ready.

3. Comment Platforms

If an article strikes a chord somewhere in your audience’s hearts and/or minds, they will most probably post their thoughts about it right after reading. Indulge your visitors by activating a comment platform at the bottom of your article. Placing it at the bottom will encourage them to finish reading.

This is also one way to generate forums and discussions. Take the time to join the conversation, answer questions or simply talk to your readers to get to know them better.

4. Videos

Sometimes, even your most loyal clients want to take a break from online reading and commenting. This is when they start looking for something different. To meet the need, upload videos that are consistent with your brand and relevant to your clients. You also have to make sure your videos are enjoyable to watch and, if possible, educational.

5. Popular Posts Widget

Assuming that your website’s content is of good quality, you can expect clients will visit regularly, looking for more. The question is how do you engage those who are new to your domain? One way to guide them around your website is by posting a popular posts widget.

This will direct clients to the posts that have the most views and reactions from fellow readers. When your clients see that your articles get a lot of love from other readers, it is likely they will spend time reading them too.

6. Related Content Plugin

Similar to the popular posts widget, the related content plugin will direct your readers to your website’s other content. The only difference is that this particular plugin is not limited to listing your website’s most popular posts, it also includes related articles via categories and tags.

Run this plugin to help your clients read more about a specific topic they need without having to leave your website.

7. Color Palettes

Even before your visitors get to read the articles you worked hard on, they will first judge your website’s appearance.

It is not enough to have a website that looks good; it is also crucial your website complements your brand and the services you offer. Make sure your readers have a good user experience when going through your pages. You also have to take into consideration the colors, layout and even fonts that will appeal to your target market. After all, they are the ones who will spend the most time on your website.

Click here to check out this website and get some great ideas for color palettes.

8. Lists, Tips and Advice

Publishing quality articles is good, but not all readers have a ton of time to read. Casual browsers or even avid readers will definitely ignore chunks of text unless they’re actually following your posts.

What you can do is offer these readers some lists, tips and advice written and formatted in a way that is easy to read and understand. Put them up on spaces of your website where they will neither be ignored nor seen as a nuisance when reading the longer articles.

9. E-mail Opt-in Box

For clients who check their e-mail regularly, it could be more convenient to receive alerts in their inbox rather than check various sites everyday. Accommodate this demand by placing an e-mail opt-in box on your website. This way, your readers can still be updated on what’s new even if they don’t get to access the website directly.

10. Surveys

Surveys are among the tried and tested methods as far as research and data gathering is concerned. Every once in a while, release either a poll or a set of questions that is relevant to your clients and to the services you provide.

Doing so will not only allow you to get to know your clients better, you can also serve them better once you know what best tickles their fancy. You can also give away freebies to those who take the time to answer your surveys. Fun isn’t it?

Having an online business will urge you to try different things until you find a formula that works for you and your clients. These tips are sure to help you increase engagement on your website, but always remember to strike a balance. While it is perfectly normal to want a visually remarkable website, make sure you don’t compromise efficiency and quality for beauty.

Todd Mumford is the co-founder and CEO of SEO Visions, a leading Vancouver SEO company that provides search engine optimization services and online marketing solutions for different types of businesses.

2 Responses to “10 Important Elements Your Website Should Have to Increase User Engagement

    Multipling the different types of formats is a very important point to attract visitors’ attention and creat interaction : descriptive text, “TOP” articles, lists, videos, slide shows…

    January 21, 2013

    Hi, definitely true – and the more you can connect your creatives and media / content marketing collateral together into a meaningful overall picture, the more the campaign will resonate with the target audience!


    January 21, 2013

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