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Pinterest lets you share visual things you love on “pinboards.” Images or pictures of anything can be uploaded and a caption can be added. You can then categorize them as well. All your images are sized to the same width but can be any length.

Pinterest is still very young but even so, many marketers have already realized that pinboards equal publicity. There are ten things that probably aren’t so well known about Pinterest.

1. You are already on Pinterest. People are pinning pictures off your website if they like it. You can stop people from repinning your pins by adding a code to your website.

2. Pinterest is the fastest growing social media site ever. It is already the third most popular social media site. Pinterest boasted 104 million visitors in March this year, with Twitter just ahead with 182 million and LinkedIn just behind with 86 million visitors. This is remarkable growth if you consider Pinterest only started up in March of 2010.

3. 65% of users are women. Pinterest has the reputation of being favored by the women-folk, but men are catching on quickly. Early in 2012 the percentages were 65% women and 35% men.

4. The top three categories are home, fashion, and crafts.

5. The average visitor spends more time there. When it comes to the number of visitors, Facebook is still king. However, Pinterest beats Facebook in the time spent on-site category. The average Facebook visitor spends 12 minutes per day on Facebook, whereas on Pinterest the average visitor spends 16 minutes per day on the site.

6. Self-Promotion is now allowed on Pinterest. From a marketing perspective, it was difficult to use Pinterest when self promotion was not allowed. However, clever marketers figured out a way to just share valuable content, keeping it fun and interesting. This is what you can learn from them: People will be attracted to you when you keep content interesting and fun.

7. You can now pin videos. You can do this by pinning a YouTube or Vimeo symbol.

8. Pinterest also uses hash tags. This is not yet widely used. If you mark an image with a hash tag, it allows others to see every image that has been pinned under the same name.

9. Link building. Links that are attached to images are no-follow links. To get around this, you should use coding in the description of the image.

10. You can sell things. When you add a figure in the description of the image, Pinterest adds a flag to that automatically and shows the purchase price.

You may have wondered if Pinterest is worth your effort and time. It actually saves you time as you can link your Pinterest account to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, making it only once you have to share. It is a great way to share socially and visually, and it is great way to explore as well.

Take another look at Pinterest as a marketing tool. You will be glad you did.

Article By Hannah Du Plessis. To learn more about Social Media Marketing visit Attraction Marketing.

One Response to “10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Pinterest

    Really an awesome information about Pinterest , i am using it for few months its really great and these info will help me working better

    August 15, 2012

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