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It takes a long time to learn how to do something but, perhaps, an even longer time to unlearn things – especially, if it is a habit you have grown painstakingly, receiving praises for every little improvement shown.

Yes, I am talking about SEO practices that have changed so much in recent months. SEO is always evolving, true, but this time the changes have been so huge that it will take a few months, perhaps, to learn the new ways and, more importantly, to unlearn the old practices.

Changes regarding the linking practice: Yes, SEO used to be all about getting backlinks but not anymore. In fact, making backlinks here and there can actually decrease your rank. Google now wants links from genuine sites. It’s the quality of the backlink and not the quantity that now makes the difference. Go slow and steady about backlinks or they may backfire.

Changes in content strategy: Content was always called king but, frankly, before the updates, nobody cared much about the content. Flimsy, borrowed, copied content and lots of backlinks used to do the job very easily. Now Google has grown smarter. Using a few different techniques and algorithms, it can now recognize good, fresh and original content and it has placed a ton of importance on this. In other words, you must use content that is fresh, informative, relevant and trustworthy. In fact, I would personally call this the most important change in recent months. You may have always called content king, now it is time to start believing it.

Social content: This could have been joined within the second point, but I consider the use of social content important enough to give it its own section. There are so many bloggers and content creators who write excellent pieces but they do not receive any attention because people don’t know where and how to find their content. Social networking sites are your easiest answer. Whatever you compose, make sure either you or your SEO department is advertising it in various social networks like Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others. Google now place importance on ‘likes’ and ‘+1s’ so offer your content to the world and receive a better ranking.

Be different: This is a universal strategy for success and it applies to the SEO process as well. Stop getting backlink reports on your competitors and doing the same for your site. After all, if you are doing the same as the next company, why should you be ranked above the other firm? Think of different ways of doing the same thing. Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.

Faiz Ahmed Faiz is in writing for almost half a decade now and mainly focuses on SEO and web development. He is presently working with Indian SEO solution provider Search Eccentric and contributing significantly to the SEO services the company provides.

4 Responses to “A New Era of SEO, Are You Ready?

    This is a great round-up of what’s gone on in SEO over the past year or so – thanks :) I’ve actually referenced it on our website cause I think it explains things really well!

    January 14, 2013

    Very true. Everything has changed, but i actually prefer having to write new content and stay on my toes to keep my sites ranking. keeps you from getting bored. discouraged at times maybe but not bored

    January 15, 2013

    Affirmative. I think it is a positive step taken by the Google towards finding original and appropriate results. People usually do a lot of scary work to get myriads of back links and hence trapped in the algorithms; lose their rankings. So being a natural poster protect the rankings and open the new horizons for getting good rankings.

    January 16, 2013

    Well said. good backlinks+ fresh content make a website seo friendly

    January 17, 2013

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