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It is essential to develop a content strategy for your blog to guarantee its long-term success. This will ensure you cover all of topics thoroughly, give your audience the information they desire and eliminate the possibility of gaps in the information you are providing.

Your blog content strategy is centered on a single digital property that is unlike other types of content strategies.

While this makes it simpler, it is more complex.

The key to developing an effective blog content strategy is creating a solid foundation that can be accomplished by following this six-point plan.

1. Define Specific Goals
Depending on the content strategy shaping them, blogs serve a variety of different purposes, so it is important to identify your specific goals for each blog. For instance, is your blog to be a used as a central hub for expert information or do you want each post to drive conversions toward your products? Some marketers use their blog solely to drive more organic traffic via keyword optimization. When defining specific goals for your blog this allows you to tailor your overall content strategy toward each goal.

2. Determine Who Is Charge

You need to determine who will be in charge of managing your blog and who the central point of contact is. If you are a one-person show then obviously it will be you. To ensure the success of your blog content strategy, you need to clearly identify one person who will oversee the entire operation including meeting the content calendar quota as well as responding to comments.

3. Identify Who Is Doing the Writing
Besides identifying who is in charge, you also need to identify who is doing the writing. It is not unusual for one-person shows to outsource their writing. Identifying who does the writing is important so you can establish your blogging goals and content ideas with them. This will ensure you remain organized and ensure the correct content is being published in a timely manner.

4. Establish Your Editorial Guidelines

Your editorial guidelines can vary greatly depending on the goals of your blog. The editorial guidelines should be applicable to each post and include details such as the standard post length, voice, goals of each post as well as formatting rules.

5. Plan On How Each Blog Post Is To Be Promoted

It is likely that important blog posts will have their own promotional strategy, but there should also be a baseline promotion strategy for each post. There are a variety of methods that can be used including: SEO strategy; image-related promotion; and social marketing campaign. To ensure your first series of posts get the attention they deserve, the key is to develop a baseline immediately. This also prevents under-promotion as the blog grows.

6. Create Benchmarks Of Success

It is also important to create benchmarks of success along with identifying a set of goals for your blog.. It will not be possible to determine how effective your content strategy is if you don’t set any clear standard for success. It is important to define the success of each piece of content based upon measurable and actionable metrics. This is how you can gain a real insight into your current content strategy and identify areas for improvement.

By employing this six-point plan, you should be able to quickly develop an effective blog content strategy. You can rest easy knowing you started off with a solid foundation, although your strategy will continually be tweaked over time.

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