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It’s not a sin to run short of article ideas – or is it?

In this article, I will reveal tips to help you generate article ideas anytime you run short.

But first, remember this: To run a successful online business (a blog) you need to post good, quality content on a regular basis. When I say quality content, I’m not talking about a 500-word article, I’m referring to a quality 1000-word post full of facts and data.

There are many blogs that start out well but are soon nowhere to be found. I believe none of us want to end up that way. We all want to produce good content that will retain repeat visitors and convert new visitors into regular readers.

Without wasting much time, here are some smart tips you can use anytime you’re short of ideas.

1. Check out your archives – you could find some blog ideas

I do this all the time. I browse through the old contents on my blog to see if I can elaborate on a topic, I have written ‘lightly’ on. You should also do the same. Check through your older posts; who knows? You could get some great new ideas.

For instance, if you have already have published an article to help beginners on how to write quality web content; you can now write a post for intermediates or advanced writers. You write this like a case study or share the results you’ve achieved by writing web content. Just do something unique – the idea is to use the existing content on your blog to create a fresh post.

2. Read the top blogs in your niche

Don’t think you know it all. You don’t.

If you don’t want to ever run short of post ideas, visit the top A-list blogs in your niche.

Personally, I always read a top blog everyday. Why? Because they were in the game before me and they know the craft better than I do. So, what I do is use their blog for inspiration and come up something unique to write about on my blog.

To become successful, you have to study and learn from other successful people. Ensure you subscribe to other top blogs in your niche. Browse through their old archives, comments, and their most popular posts – I’m sure you’ll get one to 10 ideas to put your own spin on.

3. Share your experience

You could write on something you experienced sometime ago.

People love reading other people’s stories; in fact, people love reading content that talks more about personal experiences. Feel free to share your experiences. Take time out to think. Reflect on those things that have happened to you in the past and tweak it to create a blog post.

I know this may seem like hard work but, if you do it, you’ll come up with some great ideas to blog about.

4. Interview top bloggers
This works like magic. Anytime you’re short of blog post ideas, interview a fellow blogger in your niche. You could get a couple blog post ideas from them.

Don’t be afraid to e-mail a top blog – the worst answer you’ll ever get is “No.”

5. Strike up conversations with other bloggers in your niche

Be sure to chat regularly with other bloggers in your niche (it could be through e-mail, Skype or any messaging system).

This exposes you to other opinions and allows you to learn from other’s personal experiences.

If you don’t have the chat ID of other bloggers, don’t worry – just hook up with them on Facebook or Twitter.

It might seem like the tips I have shared are too time-consuming, but do it – apply these tips to your blog. They will make a difference.

It is important your blog readers know you care about them – you do this by always giving value to your readers. If there is something special about your blog posts, your readers will reward you by referring their friends and colleagues to your blog.

Over to you

Did you learn some new things from this post? Do you have some tips you use to get blog post ideas?

Let me know what you think in the comments section.

Daniel Adetunji eats and drinks web content. He’s a seasoned web content writer who offers content writing services to online entrepreneurs. To know more about him or hire him, check out his web content writing blog.

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