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No matter what kind of business you run, time is money. There are only so many hours in the day to look for new opportunities, take care of loyal customers, and develop relationships with new customers — all of which determine how much money you’re going to make when it’s all said and done.

If you waste time, you might as well flush money down the toilet. It’s as simple as that.

And if your content writing strategy is broken, you’re not just wasting time — you’re also shooting your own reputation in the

So, how on earth do you know if your content writing strategy is broken?

1. You Think SEO Content Writing is a Temporary Project

If you’re spending the time to publish SEO content (or paying someone to write it for you), you’re obviously trying to get as much search engine traffic as possible. But if you think you can write a few articles, post a couple of blog posts, or produce a video or two and call it a day, you’re going about things in the entirely wrong direction.

While we may not know much about their secret algorithms, we do know one thing — the search engines like websites that have fresh content. All other things being equal, the website that adds new articles once a month or publishes a new blog post once a week is likely going to outrank the website that hasn’t added anything new in six months.

To the search engines, your SEO content is like a gallon of milk sitting in a refrigerator. Which would you prefer — the milk that was just purchased a few days ago, or the milk that’s been sitting there growing chunks for six months?

Bottom line — Going out and finding a content writer to handle just a few assignments (or trying to write them yourself) is a waste of your time and money. Until you establish a consistent, long-term content writing strategy, you’ll never see the search engine success you want.

2. You’re Not Sure if Your Content is Working FOR You

I hate those promises of “passive income” and “autopilot strategies” as much as anyone. However, when you publish the right kind of SEO content, it will work FOR you.


Let’s say you publish a guest post on a popular website in your niche. If it’s just so-so, people might skim it, may or may not make it all the way to the end, and probably won’t click on your link at the bottom.

But if it’s a really kick-butt guest post, you’ll capture readers’ attention. They’ll see right off the bat that you really know what you’re talking about. As a result, they’ll want to read all the way to the end. When they finish, they’ll want to see what else you have to offer — so they’ll visit your website, sign up for your email list, or contact you for more information. If they’re really inspired by what you’ve published, they’ll Tweet it, “like” it on Facebook, and their friends and co-workers will wind up reading it, too.

All you did was publish one guest post. Once you hit “submit,” your work was done. Everything else that followed was a result of your guest post working FOR you.

Bottom line — If you’re not sure whether or not your content is working FOR you, it’s not. Trust me, when it does, you’ll know!

3. You Don’t Think Content Writing is All That Important

This is the biggest mistake that business owners make on the web! The truth is, nothing is more important than coming up with the right content writing strategy. Sure, you need great products and awesome customer service — but without great content, no one is going to know those things even exist.

Whether it’s articles, blogs, videos, press releases, or sales copy, the content you publish is your only chance to communicate with potential customers. Unlike the brick and mortar world, you don’t get to have face-to-face conversations. Instead, you have a few seconds to grab someone’s attention and convince them it’s worth their while to keep reading. If you can’t do that, you’ll never be able to convince people that you’re an expert or that your business is better than its competition.

Bottom line — Your content writing strategy determines your online reputation. If you publish content that has silly mistakes in it, content that’s short on facts, or content that’s just not very interesting, no one’s ever going to think of you as an expert. And if they don’t think you’re an expert, they’re not going to buy anything from you.

Time to come up with a new strategy? Nicole Beckett specializes in helping business owners turn their content writing efforts around. She and the team of professional journalists at Premier Content Source can make sure that your content is never a waste of time!

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