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While most people who blog will describe it as an art, others will say it is a science. Regardless of what you perceive blogging to be, there are four common blogging mistakes that can destroy your credibility with your readers and turn your blog into a desert island in no time at all.

You will find lots of blog marketing tips and tricks online to help you identify the best practices of bloggers and running a blog. Often, however, it is easier to identify mistakes that bloggers make and simply avoid them. Even if you aren’t doing a lot of things correctly, not making mistakes immediately puts you way ahead of your competition.

1. Failing to proofread
Forgetting to proofread is the single biggest mistake a blogger can make for his or her blog. It takes time to create a quality post because it involves research, preparation, organization and, finally, writing. There is no reason to undercut a blog post’s value with simple spelling and grammar mistakes when so much work has gone into it. You will always find mistakes or areas of improvement if you take the time to proofread thoroughly, regardless of how good a writer you are.

2. Deviating from the topic
Deviating from the topic can mean a lot of different things. Many people talk about creating content that fits within the theme of the blog. Although staying on topic in terms of overall content is important, it is a mistake to deviate from the topic within a blog post.

Those who are reading your article notice the headline or search engine listing and decide they want to read about that topic. If you change the direction of your post to cover a topic completely different from what your headline suggests, it is very likely your readers will quickly leave. This can be damaging not only to your readership, but it also makes you a more ineffective writer over time. Making mistakes constantly eventually will lead to that mistake becoming a habit. This is a very dangerous habit, especially when you really have an important point you want to focus on and get across to your readers.

3. Failing to promote your blog content after it is published

Creating an excellent post is really only half of the job.

You need to ensure your content gets read. In most cases, the owners of popular blogs spend more time promoting their content than creating it. Don’t think that you have to spend money on PPC ads, rather take proactive steps to promote sharing. You can do this by social media sharing or simply sending an e-mail to update your subscribers and notify them that you have published new content. The key is making sure you actually promote your content, regardless of how you plan to do it.

4. Failing to consider SEO
Experienced Internet marketers can confirm creating blog posts solely for SEO purposes is a surefire way to turn your readers off.

However, what many of them forget is that the opposite is also true. Search engine optimization should not dictate the direction or content of your blog post, but making some simple formatting decisions can go a long way in gaining search engine visibility. Search engine optimization has become more difficult than ever as search engines continually alter their algorithms, but don’t make the mistake of completely ignoring it. As search engines are still a significant source of online traffic for most blogs, giving them what they want is in your best interest.

Becoming a successful blogger or running a successful blog involves not making common mistakes as well as continually improving your skills. While it can take a long time to learn how to do everything with a high level of proficiency, it takes no time at all to spot the most common blogging mistakes others are making and ensuring you avoid them yourself.

Cynthia Minnaar is a full-time Internet marketer and the owner of Receive more information like this plus loads of free internet income training when you subscribe to her free online business ideas newsletter. Click here:

One Response to “Be Aware Of The Most Common Blogging Mistakes

    Great idea Cynthia Minnaar about a blog which we should keep on mind while creating a blog. Apart from these point i would like to add some other points which should avoid mistakes: use of headings and subheadings
    2.not using supporting images
    3.repackaging existing information

    February 22, 2013

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