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When a potential customer signs up to your mailing list or website, they’ve opted-in to be contacted by you. This means you can consider them to be a potentially hot lead.

Potential customers become actual customers once they get to know and trust you. A newsletter or a series of e-mails from you and a couple of good offers helps them to do just that. The key is to get them reading the newsletter. To convince them to open the e-mails, you need to give them something they want: A bonus!

A bonus is a great way of turning browsers into buyers. A bonus is a free mini product that says something about who you are and how you do business. A bonus shows that you put the customer first and that you aren’t out to steal their hard-earned money.

What Kind of Bonus Delivers All That?

The kind that is of high value to them and low cost to you. Often in the Internet marketing world, the best bonus is information-based. A great bonus offers either knowledge or time. A watch that cost $145 will sell for $25 two years later because a newer model has come out. Material products lose value quickly, but information becomes more precious because the more the customer understands it, the better they use it!

Some DOs and DON’Ts on Bonuses

When sending your bonus, make sure you avoid certain keywords that trigger spam alerts. That is why we say bonus or giveaway instead of free. Don’t put symbols in your e-mail repeatedly. They go straight to junk mail.

Use an auto responder that personalizes the e-mail so the customer’s name is in the subject heading and then repeated in the first line of the e-mail.

For example, the heading would read: “Joan, we have a bonus report for you!

The e-mail would then start: Hi Joan, thanks for signing up to our newsletter. Please find enclosed our bonus report on your chosen topic.”

So, what is a great bonus?

Solid information.

When sending your customer her first newsletter or e-mail course, give her free bonus of information. Examples are things like:

• A free five-page report on the topic signed up for
• A white paper on issues surrounding the topic
• A template for a sales pitch/website/mail out on the topic
• A half-hour business consultation within the topic
• Secrets and tip sheets on the topic

Notice all of the bonuses are based on the customer’s chosen topics.

This is what the customer wants. That is what the customer is interested in. That is not only how you help the customer, it is how he or she comes to trust you and, therefore, potentially to buy from you.

Roy Preece has been teaching online sales techniques successfully for more than 10 years. Roy successfully trains people on e-mail marketing, web marketing, article writing, affiliate marketing and joint ventures. For more information, visit

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