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E-mail marketing is a vast terrain and there are many successful and many more less successful methods of traversing it.

Before we go through our preferred best methods of e-mail marketing, we first must make sure our e-mails will be opened by our potential customers. It is all about good manners. When you meet a new business associate for the first time, you give him or her a nice, firm handshake, make eye contact and introduce yourself. It is the same in an e-mail.

First you need an opt-in feature so you know the customer is genuinely interested.

This will ensure all of your leads are targeted because they have confirmed an interest in you when they signed up.

Second, we want to use indoor voices, no sudden ALL CAPITAL PARAGRAPHS WITH LOADS OF EXCLAMATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is the equivalent of shouting at your customer.

Third, keep your e-mails short and sweet, more like bulletins so they are easy for the customer to read. Avoid spam words like ‘free’ and use a snappy subject line with the customer’s name in it so they know you are interested in them.

The following are great ways to successfully e-mail market in any field:

Affiliate Marketing – You have a business that lets you promote other people’s products and you are paid commission. It is great. As a facilitator, you basically let other people do the work and the slog and the hard sell for you, you just show the product, promote the brand and pick up the cash. There are a couple of great sites we can recommend but it depends on your particular niche as to what might be useful to you. is a good forum to get started and to find out the best place to start.

Joint Ventures – Once you get to know your online niche a bit better, you can start to look at the market and see who you admire and who has ideas you want to steal. These are the people to approach with a joint venture. These people have something they can offer you, you have your product for them. Joint ventures come in many forms from simply sharing mail outs, recommending each other, promoting each other on Twitter, to building a joint product to cater to both your customers and then marketing it together through your client lists.

Solo Ads and Advertising – Internet advertising is the most effective way of advertising. Your niche group sees your message and the results are instant. Now, you can speak to your whole market directly by advertising according to what your customer is searching for. Everyone who sees the ad has an interest. So ads, are a top method of successful e-mail marketing, however, they are expensive and this makes them a more difficult option for smaller businesses.

Video Production – YouTube is expected to garner 50 percent of all Internet usage within five years. It already takes a massive chunk and its parent company, Google, lists YouTube videos highest in its search results. Some people believe page two of Google is a myth, because no one has ever searched past the first page. The higher your site listing on Google, the more traffic you get. You can get traffic by making promotional videos and posting them to your YouTube channel with a link to your website.

We love these methods because they are our tried and tested best methods and because they each help us to establish a connection with our customers, to show us as human beings in a company rather than machines on the Internet. The global marketing trade has massively changed over the past few years but every customer still likes to feel they can trust the person on the other end of the e-mail, just like a nice, firm handshake when you meet a new business contact.

Roy Preece has been teaching online sales techniques successfully for more than 10 years. Roy successfully trains people on e-mail marketing, web marketing, article writing, affiliate marketing and joint ventures. For more information, visit

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