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Many online content providers overlook how important it is to ensure keyword phrases being used throughout an article are pertinent to the story’s content. Amateur writers often focus their attention on getting the needed keyword density into the story without concern for overall readability.

There is a fine art to working good quality keyword phrases into an interesting, easy-to-read article. A good content writer will use the word density required without distracting the reader with awkward phrases.

It is also imperative to ensure all keyword phrases are used without the appearance of “keyword stuffing.” Thanks to the new Google Penguin update, gone are the days when an article can be full of random words without any good content.

Content providers must now adhere to strict guidelines when it comes to how many times they can use a particular word in an article. If writers over-use a word, there is a good chance it will raise the red flag over at Google headquarters in Cali and throw up the red flag with many article marketing sites that play by the rules.

This is why many companies are looking for high quality, but cheap content providers to write their article marketing content for them. Even though it seems easy to craft a short 450- to 500-word article that is spattered with keywords meant to raise page rankings and organic searches, it is actually a job that requires both skill and talent.

Keyword phrases need to work into an article just like any other word. They can’t just be random thoughts tossed on to a page and uploaded to a website. Current articles need to make sense and have content that is valuable to the reader.

Companies are also starting to realize it is important to hire SEO article providers instead of trying to do it themselves because they end up saving time and money. They also realize they get a fresh set of ideas to enhance their websites and their search relevance.

Once a company receives the SEO content it purchased from a U.S. content provider they need to make sure the keywords are not oversaturated in the particular article. A good rule of thumb is one phrase or word per 100 words written. It is also important for the keyword to be placed in the first or second sentence of the article and also in the very last sentence of the article.

Properly using the phrases will keep a company from being punished by the various search engines. It also engages readers, creating return visitors. Good quality content is a must. Customers demand it and you should too.

Deana “Dee” Marshall is the owner/operator of Article Write Up is your premier source for fully-researched, high-quality SEO content. If you are searching for experienced and talented article and blog writers, web content, or eBook writers, visit Article Write Up.

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