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You might have the world’s best blogger on your team of staff, churning out the best there is in terms of online content, but if you’re not doing anything to promote your posts then no-one is going to see them and the increase of traffic to your site that you seek is never going to happen.

If you really want to increase the amount of traffic landing on your site, you need to promote the fantastic blog posts / online content your writer is producing in as many different ways as possible. The more you promote, the more people will see your posts and the more chance you will have of attracting people to your site.

The question is how to promote. What are the best ways of promoting your online content in order to increase traffic to your site? Follow the different ideas for online content promotion outlined below for the best results as soon as possible…

Are Your Posts Easy to Access?

Whenever anyone decides to create a blog or to create online content that is updated regularly, the general idea is to get people reading the content and then to get them to subscribe to the content too. Therefore, you need to make sure that your posts are easy to access.

* Include an RSS button in the main menu
* Try adding a “subscribe to this blog” button
* Make sure your blog is mobile friendly because so many people are using their mobiles to access the Internet today that if your blog cannot be read well on a small screen, you’re going to lose out big time.

Start Linking to Other Blogs With Influence

Common blogging platforms, like WordPress, track what is called “pingbacks” which alert the blogger every time someone has referenced any of their posts. Therefore, if you find great content from influential blogs on the Internet and you link to them from your blog, they are going to be aware of your action.

Linking to their blog could inspire them to read your posts and if you have an influential blogger with a steady audience commenting on your posts, it will help you reach out to other readers without a doubt.

Invite People to Contribute to Your Blog

Anyone who contributes a post to your blog is a real asset in terms of generating more traffic to your site. Sometimes people will write to you directly via an email asking to contribute. Other times, people will leave comments on your posts and here is where you can begin to make more conversation.

Write back in response to their comment. Write them an email if they leave one and find out if they would like to contribute more. When other people contribute to your blog, they tell their friends and more traffic begins to head towards your site without very much effort on your part.

Social Networking is All About Being an Active Member of the Community

When you socialize online, you need to think about what you do when you socialize offline. When we go out with friends or when we meet new people in a bar, we talk. We converse, we share information and we engage at a significantly deep level.

Online social networking needs to be approached in exactly the same way if you want to alert people to your posts and drive traffic to your site.

It’s also really important to find out where your audience hangs out. It is important to do a little social networking research so that you know on what sites your online audience can be found, who they are talking to and when they do their talking.

Each area of the online community is different from all the others. For example, many artists with blogs share their information and social network via Pinterest. Musicians tend to be socially active on YouTube.

There’s no rulebook to follow, just time and concentration dedicated to the research necessary to find the people who are going to be interested in visiting your site on a regular basis.

Write for Other Blogs as a Guest Blogger

As well as inviting guest bloggers to write for you on your site, you can start writing guest posts for other sites related to your area, particularly if these sites have a large following of regular readers.

Your name will grow in the community that you are interested in being a part of. You can showcase your work to get people interested in visiting more of what you offer on your site. Remember, great content will not increase traffic to your site. Great content that people know about increases traffic to your site, so get out there in the blogging world and promote it!

Don’t Forget About Who You Already Know

One of the best ways of sharing your fantastic online content in order to increase the traffic to your site is to make sure that the people you already know are aware of the fact that it exists. Tell friends, family, work colleagues and people you have done business with. Make sure that your past and present clients are aware of the online content developments that you have made.

If you have a list of emails, or if you have a Facebook page, publicize your content. Tweet your content to the people who are already following your tweets and show them that you are now moving onwards and upwards in the area of online content and that they should… wait for it… visit your site to find out more!

This all might seems pretty basic, but many people create great content and they don’t post it to their social networking sites and they don’t tell their friends about it. This is a huge mistake. Work with what you have as soon as possible.

Make Use of the Breadth Available on Your Blog

One of the best reasons to start a blog, something separate from your main site, relates to the fact that your content can be a little more snazzy, a lot more viral and perhaps less focused on what you sell or what services you offer.

The blog is developed to provide reader interest without sales, which is why it is a good way of getting more traffic to your site. Therefore, take advantage of the blog make-up and give your readers something that interests them for free with no strings attached. Blogs that try to sell are not blogs that bring in traffic. Make sure that this distinction remains very clear.

Just Keep on Trucking!

A cheesy line from Quentin Tarantino’s “Resevoir Dogs” or sound advice for increasing traffic to your site?

Number 2! Sound advice.

The most important thing when working on developing lots of great online content and using that content to draw more traffic to your site is to just keep on going.

Many people give up on blogging. Never give up. If you market it well and you keep producing interesting, fresh content, people will read what you have written and people will visit you. What’s more, if your blog offers information, helps to teach your readers and allows the reader to develop personally, it will be a hit, but only if you don’t give up on it.

Separate yourself from the blogging losers and keep blogging and promoting your posts until you start to see results. Results will come. Believe in this – if you don’t believe in anything else – and an increase in traffic to your site can be achieved and sustained forever.

David Chapman is Director of Marketing at Webrageous and an expert in online marketing.

One Response to “Great Content Does Not Equal Increased Traffic… Promoting Your Great Content Does!

    Very helpful! I have recently started a blog and am having a hard time getting it out there. Thank you for the suggestions!

    June 19, 2012

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