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There are a lot of success stories going around the Internet about business people driving loads of traffic and making sales on the Internet.

Some of these stories could be inconsistent, because a lot of marketers don’t have success online – in fact, only a small percentage of us do.

Out of the many success stories circulating on the Internet, only a handful is true, unfortunately. In fact, only two percent of Internet marketers succeed online, the other 98 percent of us fail.

The most important thing to remember is, those of us who are in the two percent group have been consistent with our efforts in building a solid business online. Success also means paying for advertising in one way or another.

But its not just about paying for your advertising it’s also having the willingness to learn and put some hard work into the process. This, coupled with persistence, is the key to success online.

Here are three good reasons why you should consider paying for your web traffic in the long run:

1. The quickest way to get traffic to your website is though paid traffic, it’s a known fact that if you pay for traffic, you will attract more visitors and sales.

Every business needs traffic and lots of it, and you need it on a daily basis. Paying for traffic will garner many more visitors compared with free traffic.

Basically, the bottom line is, the more traffic you create for your website, the more people are going to be looking at your site and buying from you.

It is also true that online businesses pay a lot of money each month for such traffic. I even pay for traffic each month and I do get signups for what I am paying for, my total layout is $30 and I get at least 10 people paying for my service each month which is $15. This gives me a total net profit of $120 after paying my $30, so it really costs me nothing to get this traffic.

If you opt for free advertising, you won’t have enough traffic on your website to make any money. You will be spending too much time generating only a small portion of traffic – and it is not enough to make a profit.

2. Search engine traffic is another good way of getting visitors to your website but you must hire someone to do it for you. It is a complicated process and a certain technique and understanding of how things work is necessary before you can achieve success in this area.

Paying for a service in this area will save you a lot of time and effort learning, and you can use that time to promote your business even further.

A lot of big companies pay to advertise their business through SEO. They have consultants do it for them.

Just imagine you had an article on a blog and the links in that article got a high position in the search results, then you would get a lot of visitors buying from you and also clicking on those links in your article.

Just think of it this way, when you’re paying for your traffic its like paying for guaranteed visitors for your website.

3. You will need the right tools for keyword research for your chosen niche. This will help you save money on advertising. You will be charged for the number of hits you get when your ad is clicked on, which is known as pay per click.

But remember, all the money you spend on your advertising will not be wasted. The boost in traffic and sales you receive as a result will put you in the two percent demographic who are successful online.

John Dexter is an Internet Marketer and has a free report that he uses to help educate others at: John has also experience with article writing which he learned from Chris Farrell.

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