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The latest algorithm updates means there is an immense pool of new opportunities for content writers to shape their reputation by generating more leads and creating brand awareness. This article discusses some important tips to capitalize on while creating, engaging content for your website.

SEO Development Tips to Help Produce Rich Content

Google wants content writers to produce quality content to enable searchers to find what they are looking for. In the past, search results directed users to related websites only. Today, however, Google also directs keywords to social networks, user behavior and authors as well. It is imperative to keep these things in mind when creating content.

Tailored Search

With Google, users can customize their search. This becomes possible when logged into a Google account with the personalized search turned on. By entering search phrases, a user can see search engine result pages that include results based on previous web browsing. It also enables users to see the content written by their social connections. This type of tailored search is something that can be better utilized by content creators to optimize results, thoroughly changing what is seen in normal searches and image searches. And Google is doing everything it can to encourage this, although with a selfish interest.

This is great for writers because content linked with a particular writer will naturally get top position in personalized searches within the circle. The creators become visible to their direct and indirect connections on any social media site as well as those who visit those circles. The scope simply increases with more exposure on the search engines. So, add social sharing buttons to your content pages – this allows people to easily share, like or tweet about your content.

Weightage on Segmentation

With the help of tailored searches, Google will direct only those pages that are relevant to a user’s intentions rather than related to key phrases or words. This gives more chances to content writers to improve search visibility based upon the nature of the content. By giving prominence to a particular portion, you can catch a huge lump of segmented searches which is highly customized. With the increased weightage on segmentation, shape your own segments to stand out large and loud.

Transparency is the Key!

Google’s emphasis upon quality means that black-hat SEO techniques will no longer trouble the genuine, quality content pages and pull down their rankings. This change in focus punishes the useless content producers and rewards those who create genuine, relevant and trustworthy content for readers. This makes it important to frequently add fresh, quality content to your site accompanied by relevant images or videos.

SEO has become something more than a mechanical placement of keywords. Today’s SEO is more relevant, sharable and considerable. It is wise to contact an experienced and professional SEO agency to properly optimize your web pages for the right result.

Kathy is a freelancer and an expert SEO analyst who is fond of writing. She habitually writes on social media and search engine optimization and other relevant topics. Her observations are quite sharp as she discusses harnessing the latest algorithm changes in the present article with the help of an SEO firm London

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