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There are many hurdles to blogging in a congested niche. Sure, it would be a lot easier to write in a niche that is not jam-packed with bloggers, but the situation can be an opportunity instead of an obstacle.

With many bloggers in your niche, you can attract search traffic by link building – where your articles and blog posts are featured in other blogs that link directly to your site. You can also venture into guest posting, which is a very good way of constructing your profile and inactively marketing your blog by writing for other blog sites.

There is a Good Chance Traffic is Increased in Crowded Niches

Niches that contain so many blogs have a great potential for having incredibly high traffic since a lot of readers are searching for content unique to your category. This can be an opportunity for your blog to be featured in search engines – just don’t forget to use appropriate keywording techniques.

Display your Originality

While there may be many blog topics that are similar to yours, exude originality in your writing – this plays a large role in attracting readers and keeping them interested long-term. When you’ve established your writing style as a blogger and people like it, they will look for more content from you – even if there are other, similar blogs – simply because it’s written by you.

Commit to Posting Regularly to Your Blogs

This is an important rule to follow if you want to stand out in a crowded niche. Since many bloggers will be regularly updating their blogs, you must do the same. When you leave your blog vacant for weeks and months without new fresh content, chances are, people will un-bookmark your site from their desktops and forget you. What’s the use of waiting for new content from you when there are others who are religiously updating their blogs?

Writing for blogs may be easy if you have sufficient ideas for new posts, but gaining a spot in a certain niche, especially a crowded one, is a challenge. It’s not impossible, however.

If you are serious about promoting your blog, you need to learn how to adapt to a crowded niche environment; otherwise, you’ll simply fade away into the background.

Bonnie Dell Doguiles is a registered nurse with a Masters Degree. She has practiced her profession as a college professor in one of the well-known universities in the Philippines. She writes various informative articles on different niches like health and wellness and web development. For more of her work, check out

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