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What’s a Podcast? A podcast is an internet channel used to communicate almost anything. It’s like a niche-specific radio station. Podcast directories are similar to article directories, but people subscribe to them. When you submit your Podcasts, they go out to all the directory’s subscribers.

The cool thing about podcast directories is that there’s a built-in audience who are already interested in your niche. You can use these directories to show your expertise, advertise your products or services, brand yourself and generate leads. If you do it right and offer high quality information, you’ll have a community of loyal listeners
tuning in every week.

How to Create Podcasts

To make quality podcasts, all you need is a computer, a microphone and some type of recording software. Once you record your podcast and save it to an MP3 format, it’s ready to submit.

You can use your article or other web content as a script. Or you can use it as an outline and just talk about your topic. The important thing is just to offer quality information and make it valuable for your listeners.

Each directory has different submission rules, but most of them allow you to create a description. Optimize that for your keywords and make it something that will draw them in. Some directories work like social networking sites, so you can interact with other users and create communities and groups.

When you’re looking for directories to use, be sure to read their terms of use because each is different.

Tips for Creating Great Podcasts

To make a good podcast, all you really need to do is talk. That’s it. But, I’d recommend including some intro music and maybe outro music. This kind of brands your podcasts and also makes them smoother. It’s kind of abrupt when it just suddenly starts with somebody talking.

Once you’ve got your podcast action going, stick to your schedule and be consistent. Just like a radio show, podcasts are usually daily, weekly, or monthly. Before you even get started, decide on this schedule based on how committed you’re going to be. Your listeners will be
expecting regular shows.

One great way to create excellent high-quality podcasts with little fuss and bother is to interview people in your niche. It’s a win-win situation – interviewing a known name in your niche will get people tuning in to check out your podcast, and the person you’re interviewing gets some exposure and a chance to build their authority out of the deal.

Finally, market your podcasts. Let everybody know on your list, website and social media sites when the next show is going to be. Once you get started making podcasts, it’s a lot of fun!

And here’s a list of the best podcast directories to get you started:

Podcasting News’ Podcast Directory –

Podcast Alley – – –

PodcastPickle –

Digital Podcast – –

iPodderX –

Learn Out Loud –

Public Radio Fan –

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