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Smart devices have sparked a revolution. The vast majority of development in the past took place with desktops, laptops and embedded devices. A new platform – Smartphones – has become the most popular computing device in the developed world.

The two main targets, the iPhone platform and the Android platform, have large stores in which developers can sell their products. Many are looking to release the next popular app for one or, both of these platforms. App development for these platforms, however, takes a bit of effort. Here are some tips for beginners:

Learn Programming Fundamentals

There are a number of “app creator” tools, but they cannot meet the demands of most applications. Learning the basics of programming is essential. Beginners can consider Python their first language. Python offers the cleanest syntax available, enforces appropriate use of whitespace and can cover all necessary programming paradigms. Classes, books and online resources deliver the information a new programmer needs to learn. Practice can help perfect these skills. It is important to learn object-oriented paradigms as, both platforms use object-oriented programming languages.

Learn Appropriate Languages

There are Python interpreters available for Android that enables learning developers to experiment during this phase, but each platform has a language used for effective mobile application development. The Android platform uses Java, which is one of the most popular languages in use today. There is a wealth of resources available for learning the language and users can find help online if difficulties arise. The iOS platform uses the Objective-C language. After years of being relegated to second-tier status among programming languages, Apple products have fostered a resurgence and Objective-C resources are now easy to find.

Learn Platform-Specific Skills

App development requires programmers to learn how to interact with the underlying operating systems. Using a platform-specific software development kit (SDK), mobile application development requires handling system events appropriately. Both Google and Apple provide ample documentation, and the skills learned in the above steps will prepare developers for these new systems. Further, developers will need to become comfortable with each platform’s programming environment. Google recommends, and writes tutorials for, the Eclipse interactive development environment (IDE). Apple recommends its own Xcode IDE.

Developing mobile applications is exciting, fun and dynamic. These platforms are projected to continue to dominate the market. With some education, experience and insight, developers can create lucrative apps and find work developing these apps for others.

Article by Josh Sager. This article is brought to you by Bond University, for more information about Mobile App Development courses please visit us.

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