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Now that we already know the basics of going SEO friendly, it’s time we move onto the more technical step which is what we call as “Off-site and on-site SEO techniques.” Starting with off-site SEO it is a way of getting links to your websites from other websites. In technical terms they are called back-links or inbound links. Off-site in itself means getting influenced from the factors outside the website.

These back-links are powerful mediums of keeping you elevated in the search engine rankings. In fact, a back link is nothing less than a vote of confidence in your website. Now the question that arises is how to get these useful back-links?

One of the ways to acquire a back link is to write an article or blog and submit it to online article submission sites. You can also start your own blog and share its content on social media platform. These back links can also be acquired from the websites that are relevant to the topic you have written about. For this, the site owners can be contacted and relevant articles be exchanged for links. But for this, the website has to be ranked higher than your own.

The best way to get quality links is through your content. If you would provide quality content people will be more interested to read it. Text links can also be bought. But the cheapest way is to go for quality content. Once it is done you can ask your fellow bloggers for a link by letting them know about what you have written and how it can be of interest to them. Blogs can also be inter-linked with each other which give you the benefit of multiple sites. Hence a network of sites is made which can be linked to one another.

Online submission to directories is also an ideal off site SEO technique to generate inbound links. There are many directories which offer a free submission too.

Links can also be bought as many web masters keep a budget to purchase links. Such people opt for highly ranked sites which are quite relevant to their site also. But it is not recommended as Google has started penalizing the websites adopting this technique. So rather than buying links, it is advisable to swap links as many bloggers do. Buy once has to exercise caution here too as search engines can also track such strategies and devalue the links.

Off-site SEO techniques also involve writing and sending press releases and posting yahoo answers and questions. Participating in online forums and leaving links in your answers can also be done. Videos can also be made and linked it to your website while social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc are also helpful.

These are some of the ways through which you can promote your site. However all these are complex procedures and it is always advisable to trust this on a technical expert. There are many IT solutions provider companies which provide such technical assistance at very cost effective prices.

Khemchand Joshi is working with A3Logics as Business Head of Web and Mobile division, He is expert in search engine marketing and providing services all over the globe. Please visit A3LogiscWeb to know more about SEO offering, we offer Professional SEO Services, PPC Consultant Services and SEO Consultant Services.

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