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E-mail marketing is bound to become your brand’s main communication focus during the Christmas season.

Brands will need to plan in advance to ensure campaign success in this busy and often overwhelming time for both consumers and brands. While planning a Christmas e-mail marketing campaign includes the careful structuring of various elements, one basic aspect needs to be decided and set in place: your holiday sending schedule.

Choose the Right Day of the Week

According to research on holiday e-mail marketing trends, the highest open rate happens on Tuesdays. This is an interesting fact, but not one that can by any means be considered universal. Different companies and e-mail databases experience different results at different times. The only sure-fire way to best determine your subscribers’ most susceptible time is to test your own customer e-mail database.

Send the same e-mail with the same subject line to different segments of your email list on different days of the week and be sure to diligently track the open and click through rates to see what works well and when.

Should you Change the Pace?

The holiday season is often a time when some businesses close and many families choose to take the time to relax and spend time with their loved ones. In South Africa, the festive season coincides with the advent of summer – which means there is a truly relaxed atmosphere with many people choosing to make the most of the pleasant weather. The question then surfaces of whether brands should consider slowing down their e-mail communications to match this holiday pace.

In short, if your brand sells consumer products, not only should you continue your usual e-mail communications such as your company newsletter, your brand should consider pumping up your schedule.

Remember: your consumers are relaxing but this actually coincides with increased spending – especially in the run up to Christmas. Consumers in the digital age are also more likely than ever to take their e-mail with them on holiday. A large portion of current-day subscribers keep receiving e-mail on their tablets or mobile devices even when they’re far away from their offices or schools. This means a well-timed e-mail marketing message could reach your consumers just as they head out for their annual Christmas spending spree – which is definitely where you want your brand to be.

When it comes to e-mail marketing, it is always important to plan ahead, whether for the crazy Christmas-time rush or any other part of the year. Consistency is something subscribers have grown to expect from companies that engage with them in this medium. If the festive season is a particularly stressful time for your business, it makes even more sense to plan and schedule your e-mails ahead of time.

Article by Inge Van Eetveldt. Social media is a rapidly growing phenomenon that has sparked interest from companies wishing to harness the power of this medium to drive their brands and businesses forward. Digital Fire knows and understands social media and we can help our clients achieve this goal. Contact us today for social media success

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