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There are many times during the year when you may want to take a vacation or just take some time away from your regular work schedule. No matter what your plan is, your article submissions don’t need to stop just because you aren’t writing at the moment. With a little preparation, you can stockpile enough articles to last during the time you plan to take off from writing.

I’ve actually done this myself several times. Especially when I go on vacation, I try to write enough articles to last while I’m away, so I have less work to do while on holiday and so that my website marketing can continue without missing a beat.

It takes a little planning, but it’s worth it, and it makes the vacation so much more enjoyable knowing that my article marketing campaign is still going strong.

Here are some article marketing tips for pre-writing articles in preparation for a vacation:

1. How long will you be away from writing? You must first figure out how many articles you’ll need to write ahead of time. Ideally, you would do this at least a month before you leave for your trip to give yourself enough time to produce the articles. The more advanced time you give yourself to write, the easier it will be to produce the extra articles.

2. Let’s say you need to write 16 articles in one month (eight for the current month and eight pre-written for the following month). How in the world do you go about doubling your article output when it’s already sometimes a challenge to come up with writing topics?

The best approach I’ve found is to write all the articles on a related topic. That way, each article bounces off the previous one and it makes it much easier to generate the article topic and also to get your mind warmed up to the new article topic (since it is somewhat related to the last one).

3. Start by writing a list article that lists several main points. By “list article,” I mean an article that has a title like “Seven Ways To Improve Your Writing.” The article itself starts with an introductory paragraph that leads into a numbered list of each of those seven items. Each item will be followed by a short description or summary of what the item is about, and the article will end with a concluding paragraph.

By the end, you’ll have one article that lists seven main points. This is your first article.

Your next seven articles will each take their cue from one of the seven points listed in that first article, so each point from the original article will end up with an article that covers that point in depth.

When you finish writing those articles, you’ll have eight total – you’re halfway to the finish line. You just need to repeat the process with another article with seven main points. In the end, you’ll have 16 articles.

Why do it this way? Because writing about one overarching topic that is broken down into smaller points is easier than thinking of eight separate article topics.

If you write an article called “The Seven Best Places To Hike In The Fall,” for eight articles you know what you will be writing about – you’re going to be writing about the best places to hike during the fall season. After you write that first article, every time you sit down to write, you’ll know exactly what to write about, which makes things so much easier.

Do you have a vacation coming up? If so, I encourage you to do a little planning and pre-work so your article marketing campaign can continue even while you’re lounging on the beach or skiing down the slopes. It all starts with one seven-item article and some relatively easy writing after that. The hardest part is coming up with topics for the articles, and with this strategy, you only need to do that once.

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