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SEO has long been the technology and strategy of choice for anyone with a business dream and a connection to the Internet.

The shifts and changes in the landscape of SEO in the past couple of years have crippled many businesses for one simple reason – too many people like to try the fast and flashy fad tactics to boost their rankings in the short-term while completely ignoring the long-term prospects of the Web.

Such fad tactics led Google to literally rewrite the rankings system with Panda and Penguin. People all over the world have been up in arms ever since as they watch their once steady incomes dry up to a trickle.

And yet most are still missing the lesson: Spend less time worrying about the latest and greatest tools and tricks to boost your rankings temporarily and focus on long-term strategies for boosting your rankings.

The more you focus on the tactic du jour (once it was link wheels, then it was keyword stuffing, then it was all about buying old domains, etc. and so on), the less stable your business becomes in the long run. While this kind of hit and run SEO work probably doesn’t affect the people who are serial products launchers, those who could care less about the long-term prospects of their traffic methods, the fact is, a lot of us aren’t in that arena. We’re looking to build long-term solutions that will give us returns that the other biz op guys will never see.

But when we fall prey to the conceptions of tactics over strategy, we are putting ourselves at the mercy of someone else – in most cases Google – to dictate our success. When that happens, we are turning over control of the rudder to these media giants whose business interests are not in line with you making money – they want to serve their customers the most relevant results in the fastest way possible. If that means changing the algorithm with regular frequency and making all of your hard work in the flashy tactic world irrelevant with just a couple of lines of code, then so be it. Who are you to get upset?

You need to build long-term strategies. Then, and only then, should you work to find the right tactics to accomplish those goals.

Long-term effects are almost always in direct opposition to short-term effects – look to the future when building your SEO strategies.

While long-term SEO strategies are almost always slower at returning the kinds of instant results you could get from something like an XRumer blast or the like, the fact is, you’ll have a much more stable base to work from. And, rather than ducking and hiding while Google shifts its search ranking attributes around seemingly at whim, you’ll be able to have multiple sources of traffic built on a bedrock of fundamentals that will always be true.

Article by Joel Mayer about AWM who are one of Australia’s leading SEO Companies.

One Response to “SEO is About Strategy, Not Fancy Tactics Du Jour

    Agree with above points what you said. As SEO is a strategy then you have to be concentrating on long lasting result nor short term results.

    Finally, a good article to understand about SEO, i.e., What is SEO?

    December 22, 2012

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