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E-mail marketing is recognized as the most effective marketing medium and is widely known and praised for the excellent results it is able to yield. However, marketers and brands sometimes forget that, apart from being a super-charged sales enhancer, e-mail is also a very personal communication channel and should, therefore, be approached as such.

Trying to make your brand’s e-mails more appealing and pleasant will often work better than a hard sales pitch with the focus placed solely on converting leads into sales.

Here are a few tips to help make your e-mails more enjoyable to the all-important subscribers who receive them.

Keep Design Simple

Subscribers are often met with hundreds of e-mails, at times on multiple screens. This can become exhausting, especially if every e-mail opened tries to be more colorful and attention-grabbing than the next. Keeping the design simple and uncluttered can help you communicate your message without seeming overbearing – an overall more pleasant experience.

Welcome Subscribers to Your List

People like to feel welcomed and appreciated. When subscribers opt-in to your consumer e-mail database, they are taking a risk and are often unsure about what happens next. A welcome e-mail is seen as a friendly message that will put your new subscribers at ease while also giving them more clarity on what they can expect from the new relationship.

Friendly Copy

Copywriting for e-mail marketing is as varied a field as any other advertising copy, relying on the creative, the product and the kind of campaign. However, in most cases, it has been found that subscribers respond well to copy that is amicable, funny and ‘human’ rather than sales orientated.

Personalized Content

The great thing about e-mail marketing with the use of a profiled e-mail database is you have all kinds of information about your subscribers that can help you make your campaigns more successful. Show your subscribers you know them by making an effort to personalize e-mails. Provide them with content that is tailored to each individual subscriber.

Great Content

Content is king and that rule still holds true when it comes to e-mail marketing. Instead of simply marketing to your subscribers, engage, educate and entertain them with your excellent branded content.

Easy Navigation

If your company’s e-mails are more like mini-websites in themselves, it might be a good idea to add some navigation functionality to them. This helps subscribers find what they need at a glance – which is likely how long they will take to look at your e-mail. The rule here is to do whatever you can to make life easier for your subscribers.

Allow Subscribers to Contact you Through Other Channels

Provide your subscribers with multiple options for contacting you. In this day of e-mail, digital and e-commerce, it may seem a little antiquated to include something like a telephone number but, sometimes, it can help subscribers who are unsure about taking the next step in the direction of conversion.

Article by Inge Van Eetveldt. Social media is a rapidly growing phenomenon that has sparked interest from companies who wish to harness the power of this medium to drive their brands and businesses forward. Digital Fire knows and understands social media and we can help our clients achieve this goal. Contact us today for social media success

One Response to “Seven Things Your Brand Can Do to Make Your E-mails More Appealing

    Nice information about email marketing. Though I have tried it but the results are not that encouraging. But I am sure if the above is followed the results will be much better.

    December 5, 2012

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