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I guess I’m just a bit old-fashioned, but I still believe in the use of tried and tested methods to drive traffic to a site. There is still room for the bright shiny new online stuff too, but ignore traditional methods at your peril.

Here are my top seven offline tips:

1. Magazine Ads
If you selected your niche correctly, there will be at least one magazine covering that topic. Where better to advertise than in a magazine that is read by like-minded people?

Start with the classified ads because they are cheaper and will give you a feel for what works and what doesn’t. Just think of them as Google-paid-for ads and you won’t go far wrong.

When you feel more confident, you can try a display ad. This can vary in size depending on your budget. Here’s a tip. Don’t just accept the first offer from the magazine – all charges are negotiable especially as publishing deadlines loom.

2. Business Cards and Flyers
It is especially important to ensure that you have a holistic approach to your advertising. This means that your business cards and flyers should match the style of you website.

Alongside the usual contact information, list the main benefits people will experience by visiting your site and hopefully by buying into your offer.

3. Rubber Stamp
Take every opportunity to make people aware of your website. One way is to buy a rubber stamp with your Web address and logo on it. Every piece of mail you send out should then be stamped to act as a reminder to your customers and potential customers.

4. Direct Mail
All that junk mail that comes through your door must be paying for itself in the long run, so don’t knock this method. This strategy involves hiring a mailing list from a reputable source – such as one of the magazines in your niche – and then sending those listed a direct mail pack.

For those on a tight budget, it is also possible to send only a postcard with the website address on it and some outline information sufficient to intrigue the recipient to click-through.

Direct mail is a whole world unto itself and should not be entered into without doing your homework.

5. T-Shirts Etc.

T-shirts and polo shirts with the website address and company logo are an excellent way of standing out from the crowd.

If you’re due to go to a seminar or trade fair in your niche, make sure you wear your corporate outfit.

Perhaps your a bit of an athlete and can compete in marathons and half marathons. Always wear you branded T-shirt as you complete the course.

6. Networking
If you know someone who has their own business, see if you can advertise each other’s businesses. You could for instance advertise their business on your website and have your website address stamped on the back of their till receipts.

7. Seminars

As you grow in stature on the Net, your site becomes what is known as an authority site. At some point, you may be asked to speak at a seminar and this is an excellent opportunity to not only raise your profile personally but also that of your website. Always ensure your web address is prominently displayed during your presentation.

A good way to gather information on your audience is to put up a special page on your site inviting the delegates to download your presentation in return for entering their name and e-mail address.

Use these methods together with online strategies to drive a stream of targeted traffic to your site.

Ian Gall has been involved in the information marketing business for more than five years and runs a blog which is full of useful information for those wishing to further their knowledge in this area and who also enjoy interesting and stimulating posts. For further information go to:=>

3 Responses to “Seven Top Offline Marketing Tips to Increase Online Traffic

    I definitely think the direct response offline marketing can benefit online marketers. Even SEO can get a boost, as search engines like busy websites with lots of positive user interaction. Good copywriting skills can also be developed through working on direct mail campaigns. And a good copywriter can keep visitors on their site for longer – again, good for SEO….

    February 26, 2013

    Hi Ian,
    I certainly agree with you in the use of some offline marketing to bring traffic to your site. However, I thinks it is more directed to raise brand awareness. You can give your site more authority from the moment that your target audience is typing your brand name is search engines, instead of keywords relating to your business. This I assume will have a knock on effect on the keywords you rank for, as all that offline advertising bringing traffic to your site will increase your visibility in search Engines.
    Great Post!

    February 26, 2013

    Great post. I love the way offline and online can work together. Another good way to blend the two is to speak at industry events and then offer exclusive freebies via your website at the end.

    February 27, 2013

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