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Just about everyone you know, which includes all of your customers, not only has a mobile phone, but has it within arm’s reach 24/7. In addition to this, the mobile device is always switched on and always ready to receive a message. Wouldn’t you say that it is time to learn how to make mobile marketing part of your marketing plan?

Before you do anything else, you need a database of customers. Be sure to you are given permission to text them.

To get started, think of everywhere you interact with potential customers:

· Internet
· Advertising
· Your store or office
· Networking
· Events
· Direct Mail
· Phone

Now that you have your list of places where you engage with your customers, compare it to the following six ways of marketing on mobile:

If you have a big sales event, you can remind customers on their mobiles. This will ensure they don’t forget and miss your important event.

QR Codes

QR codes are free and easy to obtain and can be scanned into any Smartphone to access your website. QR codes could be included on your flyers, business cards or advertisements.

Mobile Coupons
A mobile coupon that has an excellent offer and an expiry date will usually win you a sale. If they know the deal expires and they will never again get it at that price, it will usually be enough to prompt them into action. If there is a convenient way to pay, even better.

Most Smartphones have payment processors built into them.

Text Offers
This is different from mobile coupons in that it is just text – no codes, no graphics. Just a spur-of-the-moment offer if you need more sales for the day.

Price Comparisons
It is easy to compare prices from different places on the mobile to make sure you’re getting the best deal. To stop your customers from doing that, give it to them yourself. Send them a text comparing your price to two or three other competitors, and win the sale.

Snap and Share
Encourage your customers to take pictures of your products and share with others. Most smartphones can also share on social media like Twitter and Facebook. This way you can get extra sales from referrals. Make it into a contest if you want.

Anything you want your customers to fill out on the mobile device needs to be superfast and user-friendly. Long and drawn out is difficult on the mobile. Make it easy for them.

More and more, people are using mobile marketing because it works. You have direct contact with your customer 24/7 which he or she will welcome if you aren’t sending messages too often.

Article by Hannah du Plessis. To learn more about mobile marketing and how it can help you, visit Attraction Marketing today, and sign up for the mobile toolkit.

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