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Text message promoting is taking customers and business owners alike by storm and the result is additional business. This trend is quickly becoming the normal mode of doing business. Those who are ahead of the trend are seeing large results in their bottom-line. With more than 91 percent of the U.S. population owing a mobile phone, the cellphone industry is in a flux of continual modification. Everywhere you turn, there are people on their cellphones.

Here is an astounding statistic: there are 1.4 billion text messages sent every single day. In comparison to e-mail, 97 percent text messages are opened and read immediately; 70 percent of cell users want to receive offers via text, and 33 percent admit to redeeming a text coupon in the previous 30 days. This says plenty about where the trend is leading – it will be the next big marketing technique by a landslide.

Our society is becoming more technologically-savvy. Users want information now – and the best way to get it that information immediately is through their cellphones.

SMS (short message service) marketing software is readily accessible to both businesses and individuals. There are many options offered with every service, as well as multiple keywords and unlimited text message usage. The text usage needs are primarily based on the customer’s objectives in their SMS campaign.

An example of using flash coupons with text messaging is when businesses send a text to its customers advertising a sales event on an item – cupcakes, for example. The company would send a text to their customers asking them to text the word “cupcake” to a designated five-digit number. Shortly afterward, the customer receives an electronic coupon code they can redeem when they purchase the item. The business can also include “call-to-action” timelines to create customer urgency.

Another example of using this service is to notify current customers and prospects of sales events, live events, and any other important news a customer would be interested in. This is an easy strategy for developing target market specific campaigns based on the response to the advertisement. This establishes customer loyalty and increases the bottom-line.

Deciding to purchase text message software is a solid investment with a great return. It is easy to use and builds customer loyalty. Here are some SMS software providers that provide a range of services: BoomerText,, and TextAlertz.

Kim Harris aka “Possibility Diva” is recipient of the SBA’s Women in Business Champion of the Year Award, and is designated with the only internationally-recognized professional credential for philanthropic fundraising. She helps entrepreneurs, network marketers and work-at-home businesses generate traffic, leads, and customer base using proven tactics, Subscribe to Work At Home Make Money for effective strategies for creating a strong online presence.

3 Responses to “Text Message Marketing: A Big ROI on a Simple Strategy

    Thanks for publishing this blog

    November 23, 2012

    I do hate message marketing. Yes, It seem that this strategies marketing can reach to potential client quickly. However, It’s also make client get angry with the bothering.

    November 27, 2012

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