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Niche marketing is just as easy as the gurus say it is, but what they don’t tell you is you need to put a whole load of effort in to get it right. You also need to make sure you don’t make these five deadly mistakes.

Choosing the Wrong Suffix
When you’re choosing a domain name, an exact keyword match is always going to be the best. If you’re targeting the keyword ‘underwater basket weaving’ and you can grab, you’re golden. But what if you can’t? One alternative is to choose .biz or one of the other funny suffixes where there are lots of options still available.

But try your best not to. If possible, find a different domain name that works well with .com, .net, or. org. You will seriously shoot yourself in the foot with a .biz name. While you can rank a .biz domain name and get your site ranked, it’s going to take months longer, and with niche sites, it’s all about building and monetizing them quickly.

The Money Mindset
The reason you make niche sites, obviously, is to make money. But, if you start a site solely to earn cash, you’ll run into problems. For one thing, if you plaster it with ads, that won’t create a valuable user experience. If you create a site that’s weak on content, nobody will stick around to read it, and that means nobody buying your offer.

Instead, start with your own passion or interest. Choose a niche that’s something you can write a lot of content about.

If you have an interest in what you’re doing, it will show and attract more visitors to you. Focus on creating long-term relationships with your visitors.

For instance my real passion is property investing and I’m currently writing an eBook all about my experiences over the last 12-plus years of investing in property in the U.K.

Lack of Focus
The whole idea behind niche sites is to focus in on a small target market and offer one product that everyone wants. Lots of niche marketers screw up because they try to make their sites all things to all people. If you try to do everything on your site and offer too many products, you won’t sell any of them.

Instead, for each different product, build another site.

Here’s a perfect example for you: I suffer with snoring, it drives (or it used to) my wife absolutely nuts to the extent she maintains she’s a little deaf because of it (I don’t think she is but who knows!)

Anyway stopping snoring is a niche market – a fairly large one because many millions of people snore.

But we have developed a niche site – – where we sell a stop snoring eBook and audio version. Now that’s having focus.

Website Neglect

To make niche marketing really profitable, you build one site, get it off and running, and then move on to the next. But what about that first site? If you neglect it, it’ll wither and die on the vine. Each of your sites needs continued tender-loving care, even while you’ve got other sites to build.

The main problem here is content. Instead of blasting out 10 articles for each new site and then letting them flounder, create more like 40. Post five to 10 to get it started and then two more or so each week. Fresh content keeps the traffic coming. The same goes for building backlinks. Set up a schedule and be consistent with building them.

Thinking You Know Something About Keywords
The success or failure of your niche site depends on choosing the right keywords. We all know that and spend a great deal of time and effort choosing the right ones. But here’s the problem – many of us choose the ones we like because we think they’re just so darn great, but you need to judge your keywords by their search volume, competition and profitability. If you have a better idea, keep it to yourself.

As you become a seasoned marketer, you really start to learn that the obvious ‘best’ keywords may not be any good at all. Find the keywords people are searching for and don’t get attached to the ones you like.

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One Response to “The Five Deadliest Niche Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Making Them

    These are the mistakes, which are very commonly followed by marketer.

    Great understanding and nice way to elaborate these mistake. I really appreciate your efforts.

    March 2, 2013

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