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Long-tail keywords are often overlooked when creating a SEO campaign. Companies often overlook the importance of long-tail keywords because they can be difficult to integrate into articles and web content, however, when used properly they can increase a site’s SEO more than a site stuffed
with numerous short, targeted keywords.

What is a Long-Tail Keyword?

A long-tail keyword is more of a “phrase” than a keyword itself. For example, a targeted keyword is “cake in Utah,” while a long-tail keyword would be “wedding cake in Salt Lake City, Utah.” A long-tail keyword is typically four words or more and contains a phrase, rather than a chunk of general words.

Short and General Keywords

Short keywords are necessary for SEO, however, the reason they are not as successful as long-tail keywords is because numerous sites focus around one general keyword or a set of two keywords. Long-tail words are more successful at diverting search engine traffic directly to your site.

Long-Tail Keywords and How to Use Them for Search Volume

One of the biggest advantages of long-tail keywords is increased search volume. General keywords have a better chance of increasing search volume for a site, but only in the short-term. As time goes on, long-tail keywords and variations of those long-tail keywords, will gain search volume – that will easily be proved by a Google Analytics report. Even if users change the phrase or alter it just slightly, it still has a higher chance of increased search engine activity than a site that does not use long-tail keywords at all.

Long-Tail Keywords and How to Use Them for Higher Ranking Opportunities

Search engine rankings are extremely important for any site. When considering long-tail keywords and how to use them for higher rankings, it is important to use key phrases, rather than random ones. Use specific keyword tools to gauge the popularity of keyword phrases that match general keywords already used in a site’s SEO campaign. By using key phrases that are relevant to general keywords used in the SEO, you can increase your site’s chance of a higher search engine ranking.

Long-Tail Keywords and How to Use Them on Your Site

Before selecting a long-tail keyword, consider its popularity and competition. This can be done with tools such as Google External Keyword Tool, Wordstream, Keyword Spy or SpyFu. Create key phrases from a list of general keywords already used in the site’s SEO campaign and do a tool search. Look for long-tail keyword phrases that have low to medium competition to increase a site’s chance of higher search engine rankings later.

Any company creating an SEO campaign for a site should consider use of long-tail keywords. Though general keywords will provide rankings and search engine traffic in the short-term, long-tail keywords will provide more traffic and higher rankings as the site begins to age.

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    No doubt about choosing a long tail keywords for increasing search engine visibility and drives traffic to your website. But, while choosing it keep them general long tail keyword selection with better search result volume.

    December 22, 2012

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