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I’m sure you’ve seen a Kindle device by now. You probably told your friends, ‘I don’t want to read books online. I like the old-fashioned paper kind.’ Then you saw how nice the screen looks (it doesn’t hurt your eyes at all) and how sleek and light the device is.

Our Kindle Story

I launched on Kindle about seven weeks ago with a ‘How To’ book on overcoming alcohol abuse. Now I have a plan to launch a number of others as soon as I get sometime.

My next book will be about my 12 years in property investing here in the U.K. with Sam Russell. It is a diary, if you like, that will launch in about two weeks. Already we have sold a few copies, and that’s before doing very much marketing. But our anticipation is longer term, so having sold a few is a great start so far.

Kindle is awesome and it will definitely change the way people read.

The ‘Kindle Craze’ can help to turn you into an expert author. Once you’re the proud author of a series of highly informative titles in your niche, your products will sell themselves.

Creating Your Masterpiece

It all starts by creating an eBook. The same basic rules apply. Take a specific topic that your target market is dying to know about and create an informative, easy-to-read ‘how to’ book on that topic.

It’s always good to check out the marketplace before you start writing. Have a look at Amazon and see what titles are hot in your niche. Look at those books so you can give yours a unique slant.

Once it’s written, convert it to the format of your choice and upload it to Amazon. Here are a few advanced tips to make it work for you:

Don’t Get Greedy

Kindle publishing is more about establishing your name than about making money. However, it is possible to make piles of cash publishing there. To do this, flood your niche with titles. Pump them out and cover every topic. Make yourself unavoidable to your target market.
With Kindle publishing, your books need to be priced competitively. Look at all of the titles on Amazon for Kindle – even bestsellers are amazingly cheap. You want your helpful and valuable eBooks to be a good bargain. That’s how you get sales and getting sales is how you become known.

Quality Matters

If you’ve published your own eBooks on your site, you’ve probably let a few things slide as far as grammar and spelling. Don’t do that with Kindle. Your writing needs to be of professional quality. If you’re writing it yourself, consider having a professional editor or proofreader look at it.

Whatever you do, don’t patch together resell PLR and pass it off as a book. Lots of people have tried this – it’s basically like scamming people. Not only is it unethical, but nobody will bother checking out the URL to see more. Your books have to be good and really give people value.

One more thing NOT to do with Kindle is put affiliate links all over your titles. It’s against the rules and they bust people for it. Amazon has gotten pretty strict about quality and ethical standards, so be careful.

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