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If your anything like me, all you want to know is how the hell to get cheap reliable traffic to your website and quickly. Yes? … then stay with me.

At the end of the day, all you want to do is instantly maximize your income and try and automate your online business wherever you can.

The problem is, there are literally hundreds if not thousands of traffic source websites where you press a button and all this traffic comes cascading to you on autopilot for life — come on we all know that does not work.

Historically there are two simple ways to get traffic — either paid traffic or free traffic. It’s simple really.

Back in the day, our friend Google used to be the way to go by setting up a campaign and getting instant traffic based on the keywords you had entered beforehand. Overthe years, this has become very complicated and very expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Thankfully, the landscape has now changed and there are new, proven ways to direct traffic to any website without spending a small fortune.

How would you like to hear about free traffic sources that can help you get good quality reliable traffic on a consistent basis?

So, without delay, may I present you with three traffic options you can use straight away:

1. Forum Marketing

Forum marketing has evolved over the years with the surge of social media and relationship marketing — it is a way to connect with a targeted audience, identify what they want and help them out.

It’s a great way to find out the big players in your market and identify what type of product or service is likely to sell. Firstly it’s good to offer free high-quality content, tools and resources.

Most forums give you the opportunity to create a profile that can include your website address, social media contacts, a short bio and personal information.

However the main advantage is something called a “signature box” and is attached to every post that you do on your chosen forum. In this you can include your URL address to your best address contact page. What’s important is to link to something that is of value like a free report, not an outright sales page.

2. Document Sharing Networks

Check out the potential behind document and content sharing distribution networks such as which is a very simple document sharing site that can generate immediate traffic.

With this, you can upload your content but, importantly, you can embed your affiliate links within the content itself for people to click onto your website.

Another great site is and works in the same way, enabling you to upload to specific categories. So if you are in the weight loss industry, click on and upload to that section.

With both these sites, you can upload virtually anything such as eBooks, articles, tutorials etc. so there is plenty of scope.

3. Tutorial-Based Learning Communities

This resource is based around tutorial-style websites. If your niche market has a demand for instruction-based content, then you have struck gold.

What you can do here is create a series of guides and videos that show people exactly how to do something in your niche. For example in weight loss it could be a series of how to develop six-pack abs over two months.

You can include a link into your chosen website so people can click on and find out more. The good news is, tutorials don’t have to be long masterpieces, short, sharp and to-the-point is best.

Some of the best sites I’ve found for tutorials are: and

Check them out. They are free to sign up to and with a little effort you can get fantastic results and quickly.

So there we have it — three resources that I have / do use to generate traffic to my websites on a regular consistent basis. It does take a bit of effort but produces fantastic results.

I am a family man from the U.K. into onlline marketing and passionate about helping people make money from home using the internet.
To help you on your way grab my free report here before its gone!

4 Responses to “Three Easy Ways To Get Traffic To Your Website

    I think you should have included Social media groups and Bookmarking sites like reddit.

    February 7, 2013

    Simple…I am not sure about Forum Marketing though, unless you have some found some very effective forums. Pls share relevant links for the same. Thanks

    February 7, 2013

    I wouldn’t say these sources are easy to get traffic from. You would have to devote quite a bit of time into them in order to receive any considerable traffic.

    February 7, 2013

    I enjoyed the article. Some great tips. I like the idea of the document sharing networks, and have used forums myself. Thank you for sharing.

    February 13, 2013

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