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If someone was asked in 2006 what he or she thought would be the next big change in computing, it is unlikely he or she would have mentioned a dramatic transition to mobile devices.

Today, however, Smartphones are outselling desktops and laptops. These devices are not simply being used as phones, however, and their power is enough to run sophisticated apps and games. The market is constantly changing, and developers and business professionals will want to keep up with the latest trends in mobile application development to remain competitive.

Web Apps

Perhaps the biggest shift in app development is happening on the Internet. While native Android and iPhone apps are still the most popular, HTML5, efficient JavaScript, and other technologies have created a viable platform for developers to target. There are a number of advantages to Web apps, and they can support nearly every modern operating system including Android and iOS. These apps can also be integrated well through social media platforms, which enables them to be easily shared among friends.

Life Management

The biggest benefit of using a Smartphone is it is almost always accessible. The convenience this offers allows users to instantly log and track information without having to remember to do so later. Because of this, a new class of life management apps are becoming popular. People can track their caloric intake, for instance, or log their exercise using such apps. The quick and easy nature of using these apps makes them a viable choice for people who have trouble with organization.

Cloud Techniques

The internal storage in even entry-level Smartphones is already greater than what most people had on their desktops only 10 years ago. Still, increased media consumption has caused many to fill their internal storage on their smart devices. In addition, users are increasingly looking for ways to share data between their mobile devices, desktops and laptops. A great solution is to use the cloud paradigm of data storage. Resellers and hosts now allow application developers to purchase space to be used as a feature that allows apps to offer cloud features.

Smartphones have become so embedded in developed societies that it can be hard to believe how young they truly are. Future development trends are likely to change how mobile applications will run in the future.

Developers today need to ensure they are remaining vigilant on new trends they can use to improve their applications.

Article By Josh Sager. This article is brought to you by Bond University, for more information about Mobile App Development courses please visit us here.

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