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Social media is very popular as a method of enhancing your business online profile. The latest one to find favor is Pinterest. It is a great platform for sharing pictures and videos and is a great alternative to YouTube and Flickr.

You can make use of Pinterest to display new products or something you wish to promote. Perhaps you want to produce some ‘how to’ videos. Pinterest is a great place to show these off. The thing to remember with Pinterest is that it is all about the images – create fabulous images and get people talking about your brand.

If you have a bit of creative flair, make use of it and have fun in designing your pin board. Even if you feel that you have no creativity, have a go. Take a look at pin boards that you like the look of, and emulate the best bits. You do not have to copy someone else’s idea, but you can use it for inspiration. Infographics are a great way of visualizing information and these can be very clever, so make use of these too.

At the moment, Pinterest works by invitation only and you can only join if you are invited by someone who is already a member or you can request membership directly from Pinterest. Upon receiving an invitation, you will be able to register through Facebook Connect or via Twitter.

As with most of the popular social media sites, you will be able to create a profile and add a profile picture and a biography. This can be your chance to tempt potential customers. Be honest, but with careful use of language, you can make your business sound quite interesting and fun.

Pinterest, like other social media sites, can be accessed via mobile devices anywhere and at any time. Take time to pin every day so that your followers come back to see what you have pinned on a daily basis.

As with Twitter, don’t use Pinterest as an advertising board. Be subtle and add value so that you create interest. Engage in conversation with your followers and try to keep it light and fun. Always be polite and never get involved in a spat. Make sure you comment on other people’s/companies pins and make your comments count. Say something positive or, if you have a particular expertise, share it but don’t show off or be a know it all. That will put people off. It is all about using good social skills and having good manners, as with much in life.

If you have a particular promotion or event coming up, you can use Pinterest to publicize it. Make yourself a board that is a showcase for your particular promotion or event. You can make this as fun as you want and of course, it allows your audience to be kept informed of what your company is doing. By engaging the other social media sites as well, you have a multi-pronged approach in improving your online presence. Make sure you invite your customers/friends to Pinterest so that they can engage with your pin boards. Feedback is so important for business and online reputation and, if your customers are willing to offer feedback, accept graciously every time.

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