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Whether you are just setting up a new website or you have an existing site, understanding your online presence and how important it is to your overall success is crucial.

Your online presence helps you to better reach your target audience. Without a strong presence, your customers or clients simply will not know you are online or, worse, they know but just aren’t engaging due to poor web design.

Here are a few tips that will help you to better optimize your site and increase your online presence:

1. Keep it current – There is nothing that can boost the popularity of your site like fresh and unique content. You do not want to simply put your site together and then forget about it. You have to update it regularly with new information so your customers will find it useful. Incidentally, updating your site regularly keeps the search engines interested and ensures your site is crawled frequently, which boosts your rank on the search engine results page. Taking just a bit of time and effort will help you to ensure your site is professional and current.

2. Think Social Media – Social media is quickly becoming the most popular way for site owners to build their businesses. With many social sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and a number of blogging opportunities, you have the ability to reach millions of people when you incorporate social media into your online business. Begin your social media marketing campaign and you will literally be able to watch people begin following you. This gives you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a personal level. It also builds trust that is crucial in business today. Be sure to place a button on your site to allow your visitors to follow you on all of the social sites that you join.

3. Go Mobile – If your website is not set up to allow for mobile viewing, you may be losing much more business than you realize. People today want convenience and allowing them to access your site from their mobile devices is an excellent way to keep them happy. You have to ensure your site is ready not only for viewing on computers and tablets but on mobile phones as well. If you are not optimized for mobile viewing, now is the time to change that. Take the initiative to give your target audience what they want and they will reward you substantially.

4. Write – Writing articles and posting them on various article sites not only makes your site more noticeable and provides beneficial backlinks, it can also help to establish you as a leader or expert in your niche. This is an important step in building trust for your company. Post helpful and informative articles on various article marketing sites and link them back to your site. This helps to boost your presence and gives people an idea of what you can do to help them. Place a link on your site to these articles and allow your visitors to read them.

5. Keep it Simple - When it comes to successful website design, keeping it simple is best. Do not try to outdo your competition by providing more graphics or a larger banner. Design your site to get the point across. Add any relevant content that your visitors may want to read and leave it at that. Graphics and loads of images are fine for certain sites but, if your business does not deal with graphics or photography, it may be best to keep these to a minimum. You want your visitors to find your site professional and easy to load. Adding a lot of images will cause it to load slowly. In general, website design is best when it is kept simple.

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